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М. В. Афанасьев Структурное реформирование экономического объекта (методы, модели и алгоритмы)

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В книге рассматриваются основные методы структурирования ЭО, модели функционирования объекта,алгоритмы и методики применения.
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Study Guide to Accompany the Micro Economy Today

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Economic Principles of Law

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Economic Principles of Law applies economics to the doctrines, rules and remedies of the common law. In plain English and using non-technical analysis, it offers an introduction and exposition of the "economic approach" to law - one of the most exciting and vibrant fields of legal scholarship and applied economics. Beginning with a brief history of the field, it sets out the basic economic concepts useful to lawyers, and applies these to assess the core areas of the common law - property, contract, tort and crime - with particular emphasis on their doctrinal structure and remedies. This is done using leading cases drawn from the birthplace of the common law (England & Wales) and other common law jurisdictions. The book serves as a primer to the wider use of economics which has become increasingly important for law students, lawyers, legislators, regulators and those concerned with our legal system generally.
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Recasting Egalitarianism: New Rules for Communities, States and Markets (Real Utopias Project (Series) , V. 3.)

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Two prominent economists lead a debate to redistribute wealth. In Recasting Egalitarianism, part of Verso's Real Utopias series, economists Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis diagnose the current malaise of the Left as a result of the obsolescence of its traditional economic models. They propose to rejuvenate the egalitarian project through a strategy of asset-based redistribution, drawing in novel ways on markets, competition, state regulation and community governance. In this major work on economic and social policy, the authors address the twin challenges posed by a globally integrated economy and the key economic roles now played by information, motivation, and other intangibles. They propose an egalitarian redistribution of assets - land, capital, andhousing - and argue for the beneficial disciplining effects of competition both in markets and among publicly-funded service providers, pointing out that the injustices commonly associated with markets can be avoided if assets are more equally distributed. The lead essay in the book lays out the underlying logic of this proposal in some detail. This is followed by responses by critics and supporters. Contributors include: Harry Brighouse, Michael Carter, Steve Durlauf, Paula England, David Gordon, Daniel M. Hausman, Karla Hoff, Andrew Levine, Elaine McCrate, Karl Ove Moen, Ugo Pagano, John E. Roomer, Peter Skott, Michael Wallerstein, Erik Olin Wright.
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Market Microstructure: Intermediaries and the Theory of the Firm

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Управление портфелем ценных бумаг на основе стохастических моделей

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Существующее многообразие ценных бумаг и их производных позволяет скомбинировать их в портфеле с целью получения желаемого финансового эффекта, но адаптированных математических моделей, способных охватить подобные комбинации, очень мало. Это делает актуальной задачу развития оптимизационного портфельного моделирования применительно к комбинаторному подбору финансовых активов. Поэтому целью данного исследования является разработка и применение методов, моделей и методик управления портфелем ценных бумаг инвестора с позиций максимизации дохода и ограничения размера потерь в условиях стохастической неопределенности динамики рыночной ситуации. В работе выявлены наиболее перспективные методы выбора оптимальной структуры финансовых инвестиций в ценные бумаги; разработан комплекс стохастических моделей оптимизации портфеля ценных бумаг, позволяющих дифференцировать методы измерения и ограничения риска в зависимости от длины горизонта инвестирования; разработана методика оптимизации портфеля с производными ценными бумагами, сочетающая в себе дифференцированный подход к измерению риска с возможностью учета особенностей ценообразования каждого портфельного актива.
Microeconomics for MBAs: The Economic Way of Thinking for Managers

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This is the first textbook in microeconomics written exclusively for MBA students. McKenzie/Lee minimizes attention to mathematics and maximizes attention to intuitive economic thinking. The text is structured clearly and accessibly: Part I of each chapter outlines the basic theory and Part II applies this basic theory to management issues. 'Perspective' sections in each chapter provide a new line of argument or different take on a business or policy issue, and carefully chosen topics and review questions are designed to spark lively and instructive debates. The accompanying DVD contains modules of Professor McKenzie talking informally with students, and elucidates complex lines of argument as well as acting as a revision aid. Throughout the book, McKenzie and Lee aim to infuse students with the economic way of thinking in the context of a host of problems that MBA students, as future managers of real-world firms, will find relevant to their career goals.
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Cycles and Stagnation in Socialist Economies: A Mathematical Analysis

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The Regulation of Monopoly

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This study shows how to develop ideal policies when monopoly must be relied upon in place of competition and it explains why it will be difficult to induce monopolies to pursue such policies. The author develops economic welfare foundations that allow for the evaluation of an enterprise's performance from a social welfare point of view. When competition can function it brings out the best possible performance. When competition cannot function, however, welfare foundations can be used to prescribe socially desirable policies. Without competition, an enterprise is not induced to pursue these policies. Indeed, incentives created within public utilities are shown to be quite undesirable. The book examines what is known about ways to improve these incentives and familiarizes the reader with all major tools of analysis for monopoly regulation.
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Рынок государственных ценных бумаг в России

Цена 4439 руб. - посмотреть на сайте продавца

В работе рассмотрен российский рынок ценных бумаг как инструмент государственной финансовой политики. Рассмотрена структура рынка, а так же его участники. В книге проведен анализ методов и специфики размещения государственных облигаций. Проведена оценка эффективности рынка. Предложены концепция использования производных инструментов на государственные облигации, а так же концепция введения института первичных дилеров, как одно из направлений совершенствования рынка ценных бумаг.
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