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Easing the Overloaded Help Desk: The Development of an User Self-Help Knowledge Management System

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Revision with unchanged content. IT has changed the way organizations function. This has resulted in reliance of help desks to support users to deal with a wide range of IT related problems such as hardware, software and telecommunication. However, due to resources problem, users often have to wait for a considerably long time before their enquiries and problems are answered and solved. Literature has shown that the majority of incoming enquiries are considered to be simple and routine which do not require specialized knowledge. This book investigates the feasibility of developing an user self-help knowledge management system by applying techniques in knowledge management and software agent technology to improve the support process of routine and simple technical enquires in the help desk. A survey is conducted to identify queries and problems that are considered to be simple and routine. The results also show that a decrease of incoming enquiries can be expected if sufficient online information, trainings, guidelines and technical documentations are provided to the users. The book is addressed to help desk practitioners and researchers in IT/IS and Knowledge Management.
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Data Warehousing in Construction Organizations: Concepts, Architecture, and Implementation

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Revision with unchanged content. Construction organizations typically deal with large volumes of project data containing valuable information. It is found that most of these organizations do not use these data effectively for planning and decision-making due to two reasons. First, the information systems in construction organizations are designed to support day-to-day construction operations. The data stored in these systems are often non-validated, non-integrated and are available in user-unfriendly forms and formats. Second, the organizational structure and the IT infrastructure are often not compatible with the information systems thereby resulting in higher operational costs and lower productivity. These two issues have been investigated in this book with the objective of developing information systems that are structured for effective decisionmaking. The book examines data warehousing, a fairly recent database management technique for its applicability and benefits that can be realized in the construction industry. Unlike manufacturing, service and healthcare industries, the use of data warehousing in the construction industry is still in the infancy stage due to several technical, organizational, and financial challenges. This book addresses these challenges and presents a simple framework to plan, design and implement data warehousing systems.
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